The Club welcomes juniors aged 11 to 17 years of age to participate as members of the Club subject to the terms and conditions given below:

A consent form must be signed by the junior’s parent / guardian and accepted by the Club.

Juniors must be at least 140cm (4ft 6in) tall and at least 11 years of age.

 A junior under 16 years of age attending the Club must have a parent / guardian present at all times. The parent / guardian shall remain responsible for the behaviour and general welfare of their charge.

The Club will not permit juniors under 16 years of age to be left unattended at the Club by their parent / guardian, who must (unless also taking part in the same event) remain in the nearby “spectator area” at all times.

Juniors aged 16 years and over may attend the Club unaccompanied provided their parent’s / guardian’s consent has been given in writing, and will be treated in most respects as a senior; bearing in mind that their welfare is still paramount under the terms of the relative Acts and guidelines.

A parent / guardian may nominate another adult to be responsible for the junior in their stead. Such nomination must be given to the Club in writing, signed by both the parent / guardian and the nominee.

The Club will be responsible only for the instruction and supervision of activities directly related to its archery activities.

Whilst the Club has a Child Protection policy in place in order to safeguard the welfare of any juveniles attending the Club, it is the responsibility of the parents / guardians to control the behaviour of their charges