The Club runs courses for newcomers to archery and is open to those of almost all ages and physical ability. Juniors aged 11-17 are welcomed subject to compliance with the Club’s terms and conditions; click here for full details.

Courses are run by Archery GB-qualified coaches assisted by experienced club archers.

The number of juniors on a course may be limited dependent upon the number and mix of applications received from adults and juniors.

Course participants will be shooting for most of the time and taught how to shoot with the correct technique. They will learn about range safety and shooting etiquette.

Participants are required to be available to participate in  every session of their course.

All equipment for the course is provided by the Club.

Upon completion of a beginners’ course new archers should be able to shoot with a level of skill that qualifies them to apply for membership of Archery GB affiliated clubs.

Please contact us to request an application form. This will then be sent to you with full course information, including details of fees payable.

All fees are payable in advance.