SAFETY RULES (and General Limitations)

Club shooting days are Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. It is permissible to shoot at the field at any other time provided any other activities taking place on the field are not within the shooting safety area, nor likely to any incidental infringement of the safety area (remember young children often run wild).

Examples of other co-incident activities are; cricket net practice (which is to the left of the shooting line), activities in the field adjacent to the clubhouse, i.e. in the half of the field not extending beyond the cricket square. Please liase with the supervising person or other responsible person (for any other activity) to ensure they are aware of the limitations and restrictions applicable for the archery shooting area. Understanding and co-operation are essential.

There will be no archery shooting when there are activities that embrace the whole field, e.g. school sports activities and the like, or where the separation between archery shooting and the other activity is likely to be infringed

Only shoot from the marked “shooting line” in front of the archery hut, moving the boss to the required distance accordingly. Generally, for safety reasons it is advisable for at least two people to be present when shooting is underway, remember it is necessary to watch out for people roaming onto the field. If you do shoot alone always tell someone else where you will be and only shoot within the marked archery ranges.

NB A Shooting Ground Safety Assessment has been made, and documented. This assessment is conditional upon shooting only being carried out within the measured and marked range area and in accordance with safe shooting practices.