Archery is a sport that can be enjoyed by almost anyone from every age group, background and physical ability either as a recreational activity or at more competitive levels. Enjoy it as an individual or in a family group.

 Archery in the UK

For an insight into archery and its organisation in the United Kingdom, click here to see a copy of the relevant Archery GB text.

 Starting Archery

Thinking of trying archery for yourself? Then click here to learn more about the sport.

 Finding a Club

If you live in the north Cotswolds area, Great Rissington Archers may well be your nearest club. If not, then click here to visit the Club Finder page of the Archery GB website to find another archery club that may be more convenient.

 Beginners’ Courses

Great Rissington Archers run courses for beginners. Click here to see what we can offer.

 History of Archery

The origins of archery go back at least 5,000 years when the ancient Egyptians are known to have used bows and arrows for hunting and warfare. Click here to see a brief history of archery reproduced from the former FITA website.